2017 horoscope for Leo

For the past 2 years your career and life direction has been drifting. This has been necessary because it is a metaphysical law that we need to work on the inside before we make changes on the outside. The inner work continues for the first half of 2017, but during the second half you will find that you are becoming more clear about what must be done to prepare yourself for a new future.

One of the first tasks is to get your physical body into shape so you will be strong enough to take on the discipline required to meet your goals. Saturn is moving into your sign in July and in the beginning it may feel like an emotional downer. Hold steady because that feeling will change soon. Saturn is a teacher and does not allow us to live in denial about ourselves or our relationships. Most of us enjoy some level of avoidance most of the time. But the Lions do not get that privilege over the next two years. It is important that you look reality in the eye and resolve issues. You may be prone to withdraw from others for a time, and this is normal. Just don’t allow the withdrawal to become a process of evading your truth.

Areas of pleasure include short distance travels, vehicles, workshops and informal education, lectures, relationships to siblings and neighbors. In October 2017 you will be wanting to make improvements in your home or work areas for the sake of beauty. Your need to improve family relationships becomes prominent at that time.

The year begins with a focus on healing, both physically and emotionally. Between Jan 9 and 17 your shadow side may be reflected by a significant other, shining a spotlight on needed corrections. Mid-Jan to mid-Feb is focused on the others in your life and a disappointing or confusing event may develop near Feb. 3. Mid Feb. to mid Mar. focuses your attention upon financial matters and issues of intimacy. Travel and educational activities are highlighted in late March, early April. The second quarter is devoted to your work in the world and your social contribution. Mid-July brings a wake up call with respect to the need to define yourself. You’ll know what is wrong, but may feel unclear at that point about how to make it right. Take your time. In July and August Mercury is retrograding in your sign, creating challenges in forward motion. In August partners will be preoccupied or otherwise unavailable. From August to the end of the year you may be experimenting with a shift of career. Jobs may be elusive or unsatisfactory, but this is merely a trial stage in your changing identity. Hold to your faith and try again.