2017 – Leo and Cancer horoscope for autumn


Work: If you are frustrated with slow progress up the conventional career ladder, changing your angle of attack could be the answer. Don’t be afraid of a complete rethink, the more radical the better, and remember to look around you to reflect that the best solutions aren’t always the most obvious. Suggesting a scenario at work you never thought you could or should do earns kudos and catapults you into contention.

Love: A romantic adventure may provide the perfect antidote to the present pressures that pursue you. High up your list of priorities at the best of times is a caring, sharing sort, open to their feeling side, except now you are not content for them to simply to make sympathetic noises if you have a hard day at the office. You absolutely need a laugh and a splash of colour, which seems all the more vivid in contrast to the varying shades of grey that seem to be in season. So don’t kid yourself you can’t spare the time for a break, escape or change of scene – with the right company, can you afford not to?

Health: Don’t paint yourself into a corner with work commitments – down-time taken out from a hectic schedule for a night out is a beneficial to your wellbeing as a whole week of muesli and carrot juice. You may be trying extra hard to compensate for the headwind blowing in your face, but being nice to yourself is a better remedy than any amount of bullying from a personal trainer.

Finance: While you may not have more capital coming in than usual, you have the right financial head on to make the most of what you’ve got. You are serious and sensible, and embarking on a set-piece plan to squeeze the maximum from your money is one of the classiest compensations felt from your current careful condition. The Full Moon in your sign on December 26th is a time when it pays to be generous.


Health: Mars making a sharp angle to you by the second week in November 2017 compels a more energetic approach to tackling past excesses. Sitting and wondering won’t do it for you now, you feel the need to get up and go, even if what you are engaged in doesn’t produce much result. Plan your strategy a little more carefully, however, and if your mind is open enough to explore exotic massage or some other complementary treatment, then be assured you’ll get the benefits.

Love: Someone close to you is undoubtedly honoured by the flattering light that you project on to them, but are you relating to the real person? Targeting exactly what or who you want has been hard lately – you may have found apparently perfect partners coming your way lately, only to find out later they have some fatal flaw that undermines the longed-for romantic fling. Your willingness to believe the stories that people tell you has been at the root of this pattern, so take a step back and listen to friend’s advice if someone new comes your way.
Work: The Full Moon on the 28th October 2017 is a perfect time to put a request in, ask for a raise and generally lift your working profile. If you can’t speak to the right people personally, then phone calls, texts and email all come into their own before the end of the year. Learning new on-the-job expertise or brushing up on your communication skills is an avenue with rich rewards, bringing increased marketability and a simultaneous warm sense of achievement.

Finance: If you are looking for ways to maximise your money-making potential, you shouldn’t have to venture far outside your home territory and immediate area to find inspiration. It’s time to wake up to the possibilities of your local neighbourhood – groups and classes can all be found within easy striking distance, so you can either learn some new stuff or look at the possibility of earning extra money teaching specialised skills already stashed under your belt.