2017 money horoscope for Leo

First trimester

Your financial balance will be solid. Some natives may however be affected by the square between Jupiter and Pluto, which may push them to engage in purchases beyond their means or to choose investments too risky.

Second trimester

Good basic balance in the financial field. But will you be able to preserve it? Subject to the impact of the square between Jupiter and Pluto, two planets that are inherently linked to money, you risk jumping into unsafe financial transactions without precaution. This will not be the time to change your investments or decide to make a major purchase.

Third trimester

You will be part of the fairly financially protected signs; This will not really be the case for everyone, so enjoy it. In the event of turbulence, you will know how to react quickly and well in order to avoid difficulties.

Fourth trimester

The planetary environment will give you a valuable boost. Thus, a rather reasonable investment should bring you very unexpected profits very comfortable. You will effectively control the management of your finances, and everything will run according to your plans.

You are going to start yourself and experience interior changes that will make it easier for you to deal with your long-range projects this year. Indeed, you will be confronted with circumstances that will enable you to measure some of your ideas to tangible realities that are directly related to them. It is therefore an opportunity to make interesting questions and to get rid of misconceptions. After the victories of last year, it is the time of the balance and the return on oneself intimate. You will have more free time to enjoy the happiness of life.

Be really yourself!

In 2016, a rather heavy sky often plunged you morale and pushed you into your entrenchments. You felt that you were moving away from a loving ideal, or that circumstances, often beyond your control, prevented you from loving and being as you wished. Since the winter of 2016, fortunately this frustrating situation had to evolve and bring you back into line with an emotional life that was beating for some. Surely, Saturn continues to put pressure on you, to require that you sift through the feeling of love to determine if you really feel in tune with what you are experiencing and feeling. Count on the “great teacher of the zodiac” to endow you with a clear-sighted lucidity that will not allow you to remain in the shadows but will force you to dig the subjects that are angry. No more about getting the other one ahead of you, Lion friend, not fully expressing your personality within the duo or even your family. You are gradually completing a period of rebuilding yourself and your more assertive personality must now feel respected and accepted … as it is.

You catch your breath!
You will not always be immune to tensions and problems of understanding but can, in 2017, change your emotional life in the right direction. A harmonious climate allows you to broaden your horizons on all levels, friend Lion, to consider life and love differently. Some walls or barriers fall, you open your wings, you regain some form of autonomy and this new impetus could warm your loves, help you rekindle the flame and reconnect with a complicity a little forgotten lately. If you prefer to resume your freedom or abandon the fantasy of the fusional relationship, count on the sky to give you the means, without necessarily destroying your union but rather by changing your link so that everyone can find his place within the duo .