Aries & Taurus autumn horoscope


Work: Relations with co-workers are crucial for the rest of the year, though be assured that you have the right sociable touch to smooth things over. Making yourself popular and available for extra duties may be seen as currying favour, but ignore the jealous voices who lack your current charm. Your ambitions may also exceed the available avenues for advancement, but again, this is no reason to accept second best.

Health: Getting into shape for an Aries invariably involves some kind of punishing routine, vigorous and exhausting. Putting yourself through this becomes easier if you have someone to share the schedule with, who also makes sure you are working at full capacity. Comfort food offers its sensuous and sinful distractions, as usual, but extend your choices a bit and find something more exotic to fill the gap.

Finance: If you find yourself financially stretched, applying for a loan may be a way to consider. Leave it until the second half of October, or the first fortnight in December particularly and you find you make the right favourable impression with influential people. Don’t be too hasty, however, and think your moves through before committing yourself to a course when the immediate end isn’t in sight.

Love: Mars is making you even more impatient than usual, and you may become frustrated with a particular person if you think they are not quick enough to pick up on your hints or advances. Just remember in this situation that instant results aren’t always the best, so don’t push too hard or expect an immediate response – someone who spends time weighing up the implications may be a better long-term bet than a fly-by night who commits in the morning and is gone by the afternoon. Your prospects on the whole are excellent, however, and you find common ground with someone through your mutual inclination to see the funny side. Laughter is always an excellent ice-breaker and around the 25th October especially, you should both find a lot to smile about.


Work: The emphasis is squarely on your day-to-day work now, so keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities. This is a time of apprenticeship, when you have to jump through the right hoops to satisfy the needs of higher-ups, so work through it well and your path is cleared to the next level. Sorting out stuff that may not be your main focus of ambition, but still represents a useful part of your world pays off bigger than expected. Mars enhances your energy level, so you are prepared to get up earlier and work longer if this is what the situation demands.

Health: Your health is always in your own hands, but an increased interest in eating and living right is its own reward. Mental attitude has a lot to do with how you are feeling, so even if the thought of a strenuous exercise programme gives you the chills, your present positive thought waves more than make up for it.

Finance: Spending money comes more easily to you than saving throughout October, but your thrifty instincts improve towards the end of the year. Splashing out for gifts and grand gestures may trip you up slightly, but nothing is gained by thinking small. Cast your bread on the waters and it comes back buttered.

Love: Your best bet to find love now is to sit back and not try too hard. An understated romantic touch comes to the forefront, surprising you as much as anyone, so don’t deliberate over your approach, or wonder whether you are doing the right thing, your attitude is just fine. You may feel you are taking a chance by opening up too much, but you are more likely to be popular and welcomed for your warmth. The Full Moon in your sign on the 28th October is a favourable moment, definitely a date to put into your diary and plan ahead for.