Chinese horoscope 2017 – read all the details

The astral configurations indicate that the new chinese year 2017 will be a decisive period for personal development. It will not be necessary, at such a moment, to neglect one’s own person for the benefit of others, for then one goes against the orientation to which the astral climate invites us. Of course, it’s not about sacrificing others to personal comfort. What is offered to the natives of the sign is to give priority to their own needs, while of course avoiding the suffering of those around them. The important thing is to find a balance between egoism and altruism, attention to oneself and attention to others.

The star Quan Phu, influencing the loves, children and social life of your theme, will push you, whether you like it or not, to give priority to these areas of your life. So, to decide deliberately, at the beginning of the year, to apply yourself to act at best. Certainly, given the disposition of the planets this year, your professional life will require your attention. But you will have an interest in devoting a good part of your time to your loves, your children, and your friends. In all these areas, luck will please you, only if you are ready to give, to love, to share. If you are in this state of mind, an atmosphere of harmony and well-being will flow over you and your loved ones.


First Quarter: Thien Su will govern your love sector. Thien Su is the god of communication, of speech, of dialogue. Couples will be able to better understand each other and find a good complicity. For the loners, the impact of this star will be different: you who, as a native of this sign, do not like playing the seducer, you will for a time be the king of drag and flirt. But be careful, you will tend to run several hares at once and therefore risk not to catch any!

Second Quarter: Your sentimental life will finally be fine. The many natives who have passed through an area of ​​conjugal turbulence will be able to find a better contact with their spouse. As for those who come out of a separation, or simply those who live alone, they will at this time have a chance to make a troubling encounter. Hong Loan, the planet of love, promises you some irresistible emotions!

Third quarter: If the situation looks promising for those who are still free, some problems arise for those who are already engaged. In fact, placed under the same astral influx, all the natives of the sign will be subjected to the same temptations, hence risks of tension in your already formed pair. You will not want to change your partner drastically. Simply, you’ll want to taste other dishes besides the usual menu. Beware of disappointments!

Fourth quarter: It will be a very happy and fulfilling period. Your romantic relationships will be lived on the basis of the greatest deductible. Each one will respect the personality of the other, surpassing the notion of traditional couple to focus more on the common affinities than on the daily life undergone. Unmarried, your sentimental life may become complicated because the astral atmosphere will encourage you to play the dangerous game of making your partners believe that you are rolling on gold. Of course, “if you can not enter through the door of love, enter through the door of money” (Arabic proverb); But it must be the money you actually own and not the one that exists only in your fantasies!


First quarter: Your ambition and, above all, your will in the work will be increased tenfold by this aspect of the star Tam Thai. With a flat, however: you may at times show yourself awkward, and formulate your ambitions, your wishes or your demands without the least diplomacy, even with some aggressiveness. And it will not be the right method to prevail: negotiation and dialogue with others would be much more profitable.

Second trimester: Your professional life will take place in a serious atmosphere, even for some, quite stressful. Yet, thanks to the Long Duke, you should not have any real problems. Moreover, with the star Phuc Duc in beautiful aspect, you will be supported by luck. So, even if your situation seems difficult to you, do not worry: things will work out.

Third Quarter: With the planet Hong Loan in your Heaven, you should benefit from an exceptional intuition that will put you on the path to success in your trade. You will not need to triturate your brain to know what to do or avoid; You will feel the opportunities and the best ways to exploit them. Take advantage of this state of illumination before it goes away.

Fourth Quarter: If you are struggling with certain problems related to your work, be aware that during this period, placed under the shield of the star Thien Phu, a trip, a move or a move could be the key Would solve them. In any case, luck should follow you to help you in your professional life.