Free August 2019 monthly horoscope for Leo

Communication is strong during the 3rd, so use it to your advantage. Don’t jump in over your head when the 4th arrives. Make a schedule that you will be able to follow. Spend some time during the 6th organizing your surroundings. Sometimes organization is the key to success. Although you may have to compromise during the 7th, all in all, it should be a productive and good day. Busy, busy, busy for the 10th. Travel is favored for the 11th. A smooth and successful day for the 14th. Put your creativity to work for you during the 16th. The results will be successful. Don’t let day dreaming distract you from getting the job done on the 17th. Otherwise, you’ll have more than you can possibly handle for the 19th. A successful day for the 21st. Good news regarding business matters for the 23rd. A busy and somewhat hectic day for the 25th. However, once it’s over, you don’t have to repeat it again and the 26th brings a smoother day. Learning is favored for the 28th. A stressful but productive day on the 29th. Success for the 31st.

Review finances and make financial decisions during the 2nd and the 4th. Avoid shopping if possible during the 14th. Keep alert when it comes to money, especially on the 16th. Make sure that you don’t get charged twice for something. Shopping is favored on the 20th. Finances begin to increase by the 22nd.

Do a few things around the home during the 5th. Relax and take it easy on the 6th. A family gathering late in the day during the 8th can be fun and entertaining for all. Communication with family and friends is enjoyable during the 12th. Spend some time alone at home during the 13th. Review your future plans, and if you’re not completely satisfied then make adjustments or changes. Get together with a friend during the 15th. Conversation can be enlightening. Take some time and do something fun with family on the 26th. Have a few laughs for a change of pace. Rise and shine on the 27th. Take care of chores and perhaps begin a home repair project. Socializing is key during the 30th.

You’ll probably find it hard to focus on anything but love and romance during the 1st, so why not spend the day with your partner. On the 5th, romance is in the air, and singles can meet that special someone, or at least someone that you may want to spend a little time with. Quality time with your partner is exactly what the doctor ordered for the 12th. Romance for the 13th. Do something nice for your partner during the 20th. Romance turns to passion on the 23rd.