Free January 2019 monthly horoscope for Leo

Free January 2019 monthly horoscope for Leo

Off to a slow start for the 1st, but don’t waste the whole day. Communication is favored so take advantage of it and make those phone calls. Stress on the job for the 4th. Pay attention to details during the 5th. Full speed ahead when it comes to work during the 6th. Opportunity is around you during the 7th. Success is forthcoming. Communication is not at its strongest when the 8th arrives, however, if you choose your words carefully, the messages you convey will be clear. Straight business for the 11th and a smooth work day for the 12th. Travel is favored for the 13th. Business deals and negotiations are smooth and positive on the 14th. Goals can be achieved on the 15th. Presentations are promising during the 19th. Dress for success on the 20th. When the 21st arrives, be sure to put your ideas into writing before presenting them. Success for the 28th.

Finances are on the rise around the 6th. Easy does it when shopping during the 7th. A financial increase presents itself during the 8th. Shopping is favored for the 16th. Financial luck arrives for the 17th. It could be worth taking a small risk. Review finances during the 19th.

Take some time during the 2nd to take care of a few things that you’ve neglected lately. Choose your friends wisely when the 13th arrives. Socializing can be fun or tiring, it all depends on the company you keep. Serious decisions are refreshing ones, on the 14th. A few minor problems will have to be taken care of early in the day of the 15th. Once they are resolved, the remainder of the day should prove to be smooth sailing. Take some time during the 16th to catch up with a few things that have been put on the back burner. A get together with friends is stimulating during the 17th. If you go out, be sure to get home early to catch up on your rest during the 22nd. Take care of important things early in the day of the 23rd, then, get out, and have some fun. A smooth day waits for the 24th and the 25th. Socializing is key during the 29th.

Romance for the 3rd and again for the 4th. When the 5th arrives, you may be asked to make a commitment that you’re not ready to make. Strong romantic winds blow for the 26th. Discussions between partners will be enlightening on the 27th. Passion for the 31st.

Happy New Year!