Free July 2019 Leo monthly horoscope

Don’t allow tension to get the best of you during the 2nd. During the early part of the 3rd, be aware of what you say and how you say it. Communication improves as the day progresses. A smooth day at work for the 4th. Making decisions during the 7th may not be as easy to make as they first appear to be. If you put the thought and attention that’s necessary into reaching a decision, you can’t go wrong. Although the 8th starts off rather slow and quiet, as the day progresses, so does your productivity. Don’t allow distractions to get the best of you. Success in business for the 9th. When the 10th arrives, don’t force your opinion on someone else. It will only cause ill will. Instead, try and discuss the matter with an open mind. Travel and communication are both favored for the 11th. Make good use of it. You can be extremely productive on the 14th, unless you allow others to get the best of you. Communication is highlighted for the 15th. A great day to make presentations or proposals. Scheduling appointments and making future plans is recommended for the 16th. Success on the job for the 18th. A business opportunity comes your way on the 23rd. Think the situation over before responding. Travel is highlighted for the 24th. Keep your attention on your work and on what it is you’re doing during the 25th, otherwise, you’re bound to make mistakes that will be costly ones. Success in business dealings for the 28th and 29th. The 30th won’t be as productive as you’d like, so make the best of it, and get done what you can.

Shopping is favored for the 6th. Avoid shopping during the 8th. If shopping on the 22nd, be careful to not overindulge. Review finances on the 31st.

Find something exciting to do during the 5th. It’s a great day to learn something new. Get together with family or friends during the 6th and enjoy the day. When the 9th arrives, you’ll have a clear picture and answer to a personal matter that has been troubling you for some time. A problem or two may have to be taken care of during the 12th, but once resolved, the remainder of the day should be a pleasant one. Since you probably won’t feel like doing anything around the home, or running errands on the 13th, why not go out with family members or friends and enjoy the day doing something everyone can enjoy. On the 19th, a situation may arise that requires your attention. Once this is handled, you’ll be able to get on with other things, and enjoy a fun and rewarding day. Find something exciting and different to do on the 20th. Enjoy life. Spend part of the 26th with family. If you’re approached by a friend on the 27th that needs a favor, before you speak, consider if you can come through with what you’re about to offer.

Romance is definitely in the air on the 1st. Couples share romance and singles could meet that special someone. If there’s a misunderstanding with your partner on the 3rd, sit down and discuss the situation out before it turns into a full blown argument. Romance surrounds you for the 4th. Romance for the evening of the 15th and again on the 16th. Plan a quiet evening for the two for the 17th. Compromise may the key word with your sweetheart for the 21st. Romance turns to passion during the evening of the 26th.