Free October 2019 monthly horoscope for Leo

Productive business dealings on the 2nd. An offer that is made to you on the 3rd, needs time and consideration, before reaching a decision. A productive day for the 6th. Pay close attention to details during the 9th. You may encounter distractions during the 10th, so do what you can do to get through the day. When the 11th arrives, don’t jump into a deal that may be too good to be true. Think over the facts and evaluate the situation before reaching a decision. Learning is beneficial on the 13th. Travel is favored for the 16th. A career change is favored for the 17th. A pretty sound business opportunity presents itself to you during the 18th. Career goals are achievable on the 20th. A smooth day at work for the 23rd. You’ll get a lot accomplished if you can manage to work alone on the 25th. Compromise may be the key word to success on the 27th. Communication is on your side during the 30th. Make the most of it.

A lucky day for the 4th leaves you in a great mood. Take some time during the 13th or the 14th to review your finances. You probably can come up with a way to save some money in the long run. Shopping is not favored on the 22nd. Review finances on the 25th. Lady luck is in your corner on the 26th. Shopping is favored for the 31st.

Attend a social gathering during the 7th. A family get together is entertaining on the 11th. Planning for the future is highlighted for the 12th. Socializing with friends is favorable for the 15th. Do something around the home on the 21st, and then relax. Plan home improvements on the 23rd. Communication with friends is important during the 25th. Travel and pleasure are achievable on the 28th. Spend a quiet evening at home relaxing during the 29th. Catch up on your rest.

Romance is in the air for the evening of the 1st. Plan some quality time with your partner for the 5th. Love and romance go hand and hand. Singles encounter that special someone on the 6th and couples share in romance. Love grows stronger during the 7th and 8th. Commitment may be the key word with your partner during the 11th. Love is on the horizon during the 15th. Dating is favored for the 20th and 21st. If you need to slow down in the relationship department, the 24th brings you the ability to do so, without hurting anyone’s feelings. However, think before you speak.