Free September 2019 monthly horoscope for Leo

A situation at work may require your attention throughout most of the 3rd. Travel is favored for the 4th as well as successful interviews and presentations. Don’t rush into a business decision on the 6th. The choices you make could effect your career possibilities. Communication is increased during the 9th. Take advantage of it. If you clear up problems as they arise during the 10th, you’ll be able to at least get a few things accomplished. Playing catch up leaves you hard at work for the 11th. When the 13th arrives, don’t allow others to place their responsibilities on your shoulders. You have enough to do, as it is. Business and travel mix well together for the 16th. A few problems at work for the 17th. Do what you can do to get through the day. Success at work for the 18th. Success comes through learning during the 20th. Stress on the job during the early part of the 24th. Hang in there, conditions improve later in the day. Avoid getting mixed up in the middle of a problem between two coworkers on the 25th. It’s a no win situation. Pay attention to details regarding business matters on the 27th. The 31st provides a smooth day for business transactions of all sorts.

Loans are favorable during the 1st. Avoid lending others money during the 2nd, or you may never see it again. Review finances during the 5th. An increase in finances for the 15th. However, watch out for an unexpected expense during the 16th. Financial luck enters the picture during the 26th.

Entertaining at your place is favored for the 7th. Do something enjoyable and then find some time for relaxation during the 8th. Socializing during the 10th can lead to new friendships. Do something creative or fun during the 14th. Avoid travel if possible during the 15th. Perhaps have a few friends over to your place. Get out and have some fun on the 17th. You need to laugh. Offer a shoulder to a close friend on the 19th. They’ll appreciate it. Spend some time during the 20th thinking about the future. Make plans and set goals. Friendships are highlighted for the 21st. During the 30th, you may hear from friends that you haven’t heard from in awhile. Enjoy.

Grab your partner and share some quality time together when the 4th arrives. Dating is favored for the 6th. Passion during the 8th. Romance for the 20th. When the 22nd arrives, communication is essential to a smooth and happy relationship. Spend quality time with your partner during the 25th.