Gemini horoscope for this autumn


Work: It is important to be doing something where you can express yourself properly and show a little style. Being appreciated at work simply for who you are makes getting up and facing the world much easier, and the time pass by a little quicker. Even if you are not in the mood to toe the line and follow instructions to the letter, co-workers appreciate your energy and general lust for life.

Health: The airy energy holding sway at present suits you fine, you feel like making a splash and it’s not enough simply to get through the day. Heading into December, important planets move into your health zone, giving you a greater zest and willingness to do whatever’s necessary to keep in shape. Joining or renewing your membership of the health club is one option, but simply walking more and making exercise part of your everyday routine works just as well.

Love: If you have been sitting back and waiting for your moment before taking a romantic chance, then the door is flung wide open until the end of the year. A cluster of planets in the creative corner of your chart conspires to build your confidence and nothing and no-one seem out of your reach. You may be more in the mood for fun and light relief in a romantic sense, rather than a full-on exhausting fling, but you are also happy to accept whatever adventures come your way. Flirtation is high up on your list now, as always, except you are genuinely happy to leave it at that – you can put yourself forward and impress with your confidence and dynamism, without ever compromising your inimitable charm.

Finance: If you find yourself in a financially buoyant state or an unexpected windfall comes your way, don’t blow it in a bout of wild abandon. Enjoying what you have is one thing, but imprudent spending may be rued at leisure later on. Ask yourself why you have the urge to fritter and do something more concrete and constructive with your cash, especially around your all-important Full Moon on 26th November.