Yearly horoscope for Leo 2018

An important year for the Leo sign, if we consider that the Northern Lunar Node is established in the Leo, starting in February, for a year and a half. So, you may feel like you have decided a trajectory, maybe even original, in any case very creative and generating enthusiasm. You need a new perspective as air. In the last few years, with Uranus in the area of ​​knowledge and knowledge, you have always opened the door of your mind to always learn something and always understand more.

This thirst for knowledge persists this year, but this time you seem to want to consolidate something, to use knowledge to create a new, solid, adequate corridor. Always there will be the question in your mind: “what does it fit for me now?”. And it’s good to always use this question to make choices according to your heart.

It seems that all of the difficult 2016 and 2017 experiences crystallize in more and more clarity, wisdom and maturity, and you only have to follow your path.

It’s possible to learn something new or to get into a different form, something that you have prepared for a long time. The creative elan and the thirst for study take you through February, when you have so much power and enthusiasm that you feel able to move the mountains. And you’re in the right condition, but it’s important to be careful not to bother others in your work and to consider, especially in February, the need to revise relationships. You may need to get rid of some beliefs or goals that are no longer appropriate.

Horoscope 2018 Leo : An idea project in the past year can now be implemented in a concrete way and with good results. Also supported by important people, with good alliances and recognition built over time, you can be successful in everything you do, provided you know what you want and ask what you need, without exaggerating your pretensions and fixed ideas.

Saturn in Sagittarius continues the maturation process and urges some decisions that either children (conception, relationship with children or just the inner child) or love and romantic relationship or projects that you feel as if your children are. So 2018 is decisive from these points of view and much more clear and fruitful than 2017, provided you learn the lesson of patience and responsibility.

Jupiter, until October, supports legal action, acts and all sorts of negotiations. You have a lot of aplomb, you are convincing and you can get many advantages from others. Attention, however, in March and September, when it is possible to shatter some relationships / contracts or some beliefs.

Those who write, write, publish, hold speeches, conferences or perform any teaching or commercial activity, this year they can fulfill a dream, they can start beneficial actions.

Starting with October, with Jupiter in the area of ​​your home, soul and family, you will be more concerned about your well-being and those of your closest ones, you will begin to accumulate, think about strategies to raise your standard of living and may even appear, in the last 3 months of the year, the possibility of moving or expanding your living space. It can also be about spurring a family business idea, a profitable transaction with a real estate or simply patrimonial and pecuniary decisions. For some Lei, it may be about bringing a child to the world.

However, in October 2018, a year begins, in which the Lions would do well to handle their home, family, home, and wealth. Because they will do it with help and satisfaction.

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