Leo 2019 horoscope – new predictions love, health and money

The horoscope of Leo for this 2019, indicates that it is necessary that this sign leaves its comfort zone to be able to advance. Leo’s personality should also change a bit to adapt to the circumstances that will appear in 2019. This could help build a better character and give it a more complex and deeper personality.

People born between July 23 and August 22 with very brave, ambitious people, with lots of vitality and full of energy. They are also very romantic and charismatic, they can be great friends and lovers. All these traits, can bring benefits and harms to Leo next year.

yearly 2019 horoscope for zodiac sign leo


Mars will enter your love zone at the end of January and mid-March, which will give love more impulse in your life. According to yearly-horoscope.org/2019-horoscope/leo/, you can work on being a more loving and loving person, sharing the love you feel and being a more romantic person. If you are in a relationship, you can make them feel like when they first met. But if you go through singleness, you’ll have a year to expand the love in your life, be a more playful and cheerful person. However, Mercury will be retrograde in your love zone in mid-November, which can bring communication problems and misunderstandings.

Neptune remains in the zone of intimacies throughout the year. This means that you can work on having a stronger spiritual connection in your intimate relationships. Mars, is in this area in mid-November until the end of the year. This means that you can focus on having stronger emotional bonds with others, and feel even as if you have a link to your soul.

Work and money

This year can be excellent for your professional life. The combined impact of Saturn and Jupiter in the seventh house will bring very good results for your business. At the beginning of the year, you could start a business that is beneficial for you. So you will be very happy with your associations. On the other hand, if you have a job you will get improvements and recognition.
Financially it will be an excellent year. The income of money will increase, since you will be able to get rid of debts. In addition, you could receive jewelry and property as an inheritance during 2019.

Before making any investment, it is important to consult people with experience in the area. After October 11, you could enjoy the convenience of buying a new house, vehicle or other property.


As for health, it is likely that it can be a mixed year for you. Mentally, everything will be fine. But sometimes you can go through very trivial health problems, that with time you will be cured.
But to keep your health intact, it is best to acquire a vegetarian lifestyle, and practice Yoga regularly.

Family and friends.

From a family point of view, you will have good results. There will be an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your family. But to achieve this you must avoid reaching the discussion, otherwise you will be a victim of tensions due to the differences of opinion of the older members of your family.
After October 11, you will receive the cooperation and support of your family as a result of an atmosphere of laughter, peace, love and harmony.

Leo Traits and Star Sign Personality

In general rules, Leo are one of the most striking signs of the zodiac. They have a character that everyone likes and they are always surrounded by people, either because of the energy and effort they put into everything, or because of the wise words they usually have.

Leo is a sign of fire, which is dominated by the sun, which represents the fierceness and strength that is in them. The Sun is the greatest source of life we have. In the same way, Leo is also a source of positive energy for the people around them, to whom they return the smiles when they lose them for some reason.

They are people with great potential inside, but they are very humble, which does not always reflect what they are inside. They are people who tend to take great care of themselves, as well as the relationships they have with other people. Their optimism and open character, facilitates their interactions with friends and new people they know.

They always have their family or friends next to them and many of them tend to turn to them when they have a problem, as they are able to analyze situations quickly and give the best advice.

In love, Leo are very organized people in general and when they have a love relationship with the ideal person, they will give everything for them. It is not a sign that you should ask for efforts to talk about your feelings, because they are open and clearly expressed. Relationships with them are usually the best, but they are also very stubborn people and can have a strong character. Therefore, when they want to find a partner, the Leo look that this person with whom they want to join is the best for them.

This person must be patient and know how to listen, while also knowing how to demonstrate their feelings openly. With friends, the lions are as open and easily adapted to what they want to do. However, the condition they put to accept their friends as they are, is that they do not interfere in their life.

If this happens, the Leo can become very aggressive. Your private life and your family is something that you are not going to let anyone think or want to lead from the outside. That’s why you should be very careful when playing these songs with them. For the rest, they are people to trust, who like to help those who have problems and always have a smile for their own. We emphasize his love for luxury and refinement and his good taste. They entertain their partner with expensive gifts and invitations to exclusive places.

If we want to make a Leo fall in love, we must be very cultured, with trust and direct people, with whom this representative of the zodiac can maintain any kind of deep conversation. Fidelity within the couple is very important to them.

If they feel that they will not be able to trust their better half, it will be difficult for them to start a relationship. They like to give them options to their day-to-day problems. They are also lovers of adventure and need people who share with them a taste for risk, in controlled activities.

The Leo are very affectionate people, usually ask very little in exchange for this. They offer all their heart, which shows the degree of involvement they can have in the relationship when they truly love.

Interesting data. The number of the luck of the Leo is 1 and their day of the week is Sunday. The colors that favor him most and that represent them the most are red, yellow and orange, all expressions of his character and the great vitality that is inside. Having a Leo close by as a friend or as a couple is what almost all the signs of the zodiac seek.

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