Leo explained – Personality and Health

Fifth sign of the Zodiac Fiery Leo’s are proud, regal people who like to be listened to, and complimented. You appear very confident, but on first meeting are extremely wary and cautious. Maybe attracted into the limelight and being before the public, but suffer stagefright more than other signs.

A born leader and organiser, you can be generous of yourself and will help those who ask. To some you appear dogmatic, patronising, conceited and snobbish, to others a loyal friend who will back them to the hilt. Trust is extremely important.

Your life lesson may be to recognise your own human failings, whilst allowing those around you the freedom to be themselves.
The body parts for Leo are the Heart and the back.
Leo’s usually keep good health, but often take on more than their back can handle, and can suffer from burn out. Rest is an essential element, not a sign of weakness.
Bay, Borage, Rue and Chamomile are all beneficial to this sign. Use Bay Leaves in cooking. Chamomile Flowers soothes the nerves as a tea, and for tired eyes as a cold compress.

Ruling Planet – SUN

The Sun is the Ruling Planet for Leo. The Sun is portrayed in every ancient civilisation as the giver of Life. Without the warmth and energy we received from the Sun, we would not survive. Ideally, Leo’s use this to lighten or brighten up the days of those they meet. The Sun can burn if you do not respect it sufficiently.

Ruling Symbol – The LION

Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign.
The Symbol for Leo is the Lion, king of the beasts and lord of the jungle. The male of the species appears lazily resting under a tree whilst his `pride’, particular, the lionesses, gather food. Will fight to protect the young. Prowls up and down when agitated and will claw and roar when upset.