Leo love compatibility in 2019 with other zodiac signs

Leo natives are really special people. They have passion-filled souls, very sharp minds, and are born to shine, all the more so as their cosmic patron is the sun. They can be surprisingly spiritual people, if you have the patience and the emotional willingness to look behind the vanity that it shows quite often. It is not necessarily a defense mechanism in their case, but rather a filter by which they choose the people they want to approach.

They have golden hearts and they are very proud, but their drawback is that when they love, they feel very comfortable in their relationship and trust their partners, they take them as guarantors and no longer strive to improve the relationship.

This does not mean that they are plafonding but that they have reached that point of relationship where they feel they can be 100% natural. In theory, they do not sound bad in everyday life, but their attitude can be translated into a lack of interest they show to their partners, despite their warm feelings for them.

Until they meet their soul mates, they will have many relationships and adventures sometimes faded by infidelity, which usually disappears when they love each other.

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Leo Compatibility with Aries in 2019

Between two strong signs of fire, love can only be incendiary. Lions and Aries are very similar to each other and this may mean that their relationship can begin with a sense of hatred, then animated by desire and then affectionate by love. Lions and Aries are passionate and have the taste of adventure, so they will never get bored with each other. Where the Lions are going to hurt, the Aries will be there to help them get past them, and when the Aries will lose their way because of their idealism, the Lions will always show the right way.

Leo Compatibility with Gemini

The rich Gemini’s personalities will surprise Lei each day, a very important issue for those natives whose routine they do not like. At the same time, the lion’s passionate natures will not let Gems get bored and enjoy their native attention. Between the signs of air and fire there is always passion animated by a drop of rebellion and, of course, lust for life. Nothing can stand in the way of a couple formed of a Leo and a native of the Gemini.

Leo Compatibility with Sagittarius in 2019

As in the case of a couple of Leu and Berbeci, the couple Leu – Sagittarius consists of two signs of fire. In this case, however, the passion of the two partners hides an efficient communication. Seriously optimistic Sagittarius will impress Lei with their intellectual, surprisingly philosophical, and sometimes even contemplative, lions while giving the Sagittarians the emotional and intellectual challenges they need every day.

Leo Compatibility with Leo

With little exceptions, the Leagues are the dominant partners in a relationship. That is why, in a relationship in which both partners are born in this sign, there will be a permanent struggle for power. Beyond all the common passions that will bind the two Lei, paradoxically, they can strike at the head because of the common character traits. Of course, there is a lot of passion and affection in this couple, but because the relationship really works, it has to teach each of the partners to give up stubbornness for the sake of the loved one.

Leo Compatibility with Libra in 2019

A love story in 2019 with a Libra will be a surprise for Leo, according to leo annual horoscope. People born under the sign of the sun are exuberant, active, loving new, always on the move. When they get to face Balance, they will steal their hearts because of their elegance of character and attitude, as well as because of the attentive attitude of everything that is beautiful around. Also, Leo natives will be absolutely fascinated by the soulful nobility of Libra while they will find in Lei the passion and exuberance they need.


Love incompatibility fot the Leo sign
Leo – Capricorn

If for the other signs there may be concessions, in terms of the relationship between Leo and Capricorn, this can be made more difficult. Partners in Capricorn are among the few people who can dominate Lei, for which most of the conflicts in the couple will be born from the perpetual battle for power that will be given to this couple.

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