Leo love horoscope 2017

1st trimester

Couples: Although you think that the grass is greener elsewhere, you will find that your partner loves you sincerely.
Single: You are looking too many partners, no one matches the profile . And you you were mistaken! Have you thought of it?

2nd quarter

In couple: You want to rediscover the different facets of your partner and an outing in the wilderness is the ideal place for this.
Bachelor: During this period you will find it difficult to meet people unless you agree to leave the house. It is outside that you have all your chances. Find out about your year ahead here:https://www.lovehoroscope.guru/leo-2018-love-forecast/

3rd quarter

In couple: A person turns you around in your workplace most certainly because you clear good waves around you. However beware not to put your couple in jeopardy.
Bachelor: You must stop to rethink the past and put yourself to think of the present because it is in the present that a love story awaits you.

4th Quarter

As a couple: You will go through a period of calm within your couple and you will take the opportunity to tell your partner about your expectations in your life as a couple.
Single: You want to meet the ideal partner, and it may not be as far as you think, a person close to you may have feelings for you.

How to attract a man or woman Lion

Humor is the chord of a man or woman of the sign of the Lion, know how to be witty and if you manage to make them laugh you have already done half the way.
To charm a man or woman with the sign of the Lion, you can flatter them, they are very sensitive on condition that it is justified and not too big. They like to know they are useful.
During a first appointment you can choose a restaurant with care, they are sensitive in places that are unknown to them and also to good meals a little gastronomic but not too much either.
Stay, make them laugh, flatter them, invite them and the affair is in the bag …

A romantic relationship with a woman Lion

It is by admiration and flattery that you will charm the beautiful Lioness … The Lion woman is a seductress in the soul, she likes to please and charm even if she does not intend to go more Far, it is in his way of being and you will have to get there.
The woman Lion likes to dominate the situations she likes to feel essential in the life of couple and you will feel it easily. Her presence makes her a formidable woman in more ways than one.
Although she likes to dominate in the life of a couple, you will still feel a woman who needs you and who will know how to show it to you. The Lion Woman is challenging in life and has a sense of humor. You will not be bored.
She needs a man with presence and know-how because she attaches great importance to this aspect of the male personality. You will need to know how to take your life in hand to please him.
You will find with the woman Lion a comfort of life and a person who will be able to tell you the right words in certain situations. She is an unconditional lover and will give you love and truth.
The Lion Woman is stimulating and exciting, you will find a caring and passionate woman that you will have to cherish and seduce throughout your life, but the game is worth the effort.

A relationship with a man Lion

The man of the sign of the Lion is a simple character and easy to live. He loves to please his partner in love, he simply likes. Sometimes dreamy, he likes that the person in whom he grants his confidence gives him his opinion on his project.

Even though he may seem distant at times, he remains faithful to his principles and his love for you. His character is at first intransigent and unaffordable, however he is a sensitive man who attaches great importance to his partner.

The Lion man has a great need for freedom and confidence, he likes to feel that his actions are good and to reap the fruits in the sweat of his brow. He is an indefatigable worker who will be able to comfort you with his words and his ambitions that he shares shamelessly.
He will fall in love with the woman who will pierce him by day, it is by understanding him that you will gain his heart. However do not betray him, he does not like the conflict within his couple.
The Lion man will give you a lot of love and tenderness if you agree to follow him where he wants to go.