Yearly horoscope for Leo 2018

An important year for the Leo sign, if we consider that the Northern Lunar Node is established in the Leo, starting in February, for a year and a half. So, you may feel like you have decided a trajectory, maybe even original, in any case very creative and generating enthusiasm. You need a new perspective as air. In the last few years, with Uranus in the area of ​​knowledge and knowledge, you have always opened the door of your mind to always learn something and always understand more.

This thirst for knowledge persists this year, but this time you seem to want to consolidate something, to use knowledge to create a new, solid, adequate corridor. Always there will be the question in your mind: “what does it fit for me now?”. And it’s good to always use this question to make choices according to your heart.

It seems that all of the difficult 2016 and 2017 experiences crystallize in more and more clarity, wisdom and maturity, and you only have to follow your path.

It’s possible to learn something new or to get into a different form, something that you have prepared for a long time. The creative elan and the thirst for study take you through February, when you have so much power and enthusiasm that you feel able to move the mountains. And you’re in the right condition, but it’s important to be careful not to bother others in your work and to consider, especially in February, the need to revise relationships. You may need to get rid of some beliefs or goals that are no longer appropriate.

Horoscope 2018 Leo : An idea project in the past year can now be implemented in a concrete way and with good results. Also supported by important people, with good alliances and recognition built over time, you can be successful in everything you do, provided you know what you want and ask what you need, without exaggerating your pretensions and fixed ideas.

Saturn in Sagittarius continues the maturation process and urges some decisions that either children (conception, relationship with children or just the inner child) or love and romantic relationship or projects that you feel as if your children are. So 2018 is decisive from these points of view and much more clear and fruitful than 2017, provided you learn the lesson of patience and responsibility.

Jupiter, until October, supports legal action, acts and all sorts of negotiations. You have a lot of aplomb, you are convincing and you can get many advantages from others. Attention, however, in March and September, when it is possible to shatter some relationships / contracts or some beliefs.

Those who write, write, publish, hold speeches, conferences or perform any teaching or commercial activity, this year they can fulfill a dream, they can start beneficial actions.

Starting with October, with Jupiter in the area of ​​your home, soul and family, you will be more concerned about your well-being and those of your closest ones, you will begin to accumulate, think about strategies to raise your standard of living and may even appear, in the last 3 months of the year, the possibility of moving or expanding your living space. It can also be about spurring a family business idea, a profitable transaction with a real estate or simply patrimonial and pecuniary decisions. For some Lei, it may be about bringing a child to the world.

However, in October 2018, a year begins, in which the Lions would do well to handle their home, family, home, and wealth. Because they will do it with help and satisfaction.

Leo – this is the horoscope for 2018

There will be plenty of opportunities to catch on in this fascinating 2018 with amazing surprises. Here is the 2018 horoscope and the astrological predictions for the leo zodiac sign.

The moments of difficulty will be overcome by the great thanks to your temperament, to your ego, daring and brave. Meetings and professional opportunities will lead you to new trails. You will love the challenges, even the most difficult ones, and above all in the sentimental field. Passionate and romantic, able to give you the best of yourself in the couple relationship, you will experience a glittering year from the point of view of the Eros. You have feet well planted on the ground. You will be reliable, concrete and determined in business, ready to beat new tracks. There will be little contradictions to solve, that you will be able to overcome by keeping them coherent and determined. Accept criticism without questioning, giving a hold of pride and doing everything possible to be less prevented from judging others. You will work hard or work hard and you will reach great positions or achievements, however, that you will not overwhelm your emotion. The sustained rhythms you face may lead to stress and fatigue: do not give up, is not the time to leave an ambitious project! Venusing Venus will help singles hunt for adventures to live magic moments.

Love Horoscope 2018

This is an important year, where beautiful friendships will arise, especially in the professional or academic sphere, ready to transform into something magical! You will have so much desire to love and to be flattered and courted. Singles looking for romantic flirtals will live upbeat and overwhelming situations. Love, the real one, might pass you by: it will be up to you to recognize it and know how to appreciate it! Seduction will become a priority! Couples will set goals and meet stars’ favor if they want to crown a love dream or widen their family. They will leave important unexpected attractions. For this reason, be prepared to overcome prejudices, due to distance or age difference. Venus has so much to give you this year: statements, reconciliations, unexpected returns. Beware of everyday life that can weaken the Eros and even get it turned off. Any doubt must be solved by using the dialogue. If, unfortunately, a relationship no longer has anything to offer, either in terms of complicity or in terms of harmony, unravel all the courage you have to close the door. It is better not to feed false hopes and be realistic. An infatuation could upset your routine: the planets reveal that the decisions you take will be quick and sudden! In the summer you will be hunted with hearts: you will blush for fascination and sex appeal. Intense and passionate affinity with Scorpio partners; fulfilling, in all respects, with a romantic and joyful Libra.

Lion and Work: Horoscope 2018

Brilliant, bold, brave: your professional image shines with its own light. Communication is fluid; to improve is the ability to listen: it is advisable not to place your point of view on another’s side. Calibrate your investments, start new business by asking advice from experienced people. Bounce to lasting and stable goals and do not be fooled by the modes of the moment. Keep your positions at no cost at all costs but step by step. However, do not fall down if you are required to give more. You will receive praise, promotions, new assignments, in short promising quality jumps await you in this 2018 scream! Astral positions are beneficial to those looking for work, wants to change it, make changes to their business. The mind is active, precise and laborious and this is definitely a point for those who are studying and is in a hurry to successfully conclude. Do not be discouraged in the face of the small difficulties: your daring and combative nature will help you to overcome any obstacle. 2018 is an important year for both manual and communication people. Mercury in this area will give momentum to social contacts and external relations. Work on projects, new activities: focus on goals to be achieved and set intermediate deadlines to not succumb. Pay close attention to unclear and smoky investment, which can cause bad disappointments and illusions.

Health Horoscope 2018

There will be moments of the year when your energy will seem to fail. Find the time to go to the gym or attend a spa. Deletions from the agenda are commitments that are not particularly urgent. By doing so, you will avoid neglecting your dearest affections and you will find, within a few days, the lost psychophysical balance. Physical fitness is at the top and the vitality that characterizes you will succeed in conferring, also to others, a sense of deep well-being. In certain days, the pertinence will accentuate tension and nervousness. Avoid excesses and alternate your commitments to moments of healthy relaxation so as not to somatize stress. To keep weight under control, cook in a healthy but creative way. Take a good stock of vitamin C: strengthen your immune system and make your skin more beautiful! Do not forget to undergo regular checks and clean your body from excesses with fresh fruit and vegetables centrifuges and with healthy juices of orange, lemon or lime whenever possible! Plenty of bright months await you. As a sweetener for your herbal teas, choose honey that, according to the principles of ayurveda, protects against seasonal illness, strengthens the immune system, gives you energy and more, is a great friend of the skin.