Weekly horoscope for leo – Get your Free Leo Horoscope for this week

You are likely to feel some intensified pressure in your life and you can have one of two approaches to this. Accept the work and the responsibility that goes with being who you are, or be discerning over exactly where you spend your energy. There is something quite challenging with Saturn moving into retrograde in your sign on Tuesday, but decisions made release burdens under this. With the Moon in your sign late Monday to early Thursday personal actions taken now are more likely to be successful if you follow the `Saturn’ picture. You will go into a period of re-structuring or alteration over the next 5-9 months of your life from this week.

Moon Report: The Moon is now waxing and in the third quarter of her current cycle until Friday when she ends the final quarter. The Moon is therefore slowing down in motion from this weekend. This is still a week of action though. The Moon enters the self-expressive and dramatic sign of Leo at 4.09 pm on Monday remaining here until 4.41 am on Thursday when the more analytical and workman like sign of Virgo begins to be experienced. The Moon will move into the more balanced, relationship and partnership sign of Libra at 4.57 pm on Saturday and remain for the rest of this report period.

General Report: There is a lot happening this week, some connected to recent past events as a follow up (Mercury square Uranus second time since Sunday 6 November), Saturn moving into its yearly retrograde phase on Tuesday at 7.01 p.m. and remaining in this restructuring or more serious mode next week, the Sun also enters Sagittarius on Tuesday for the next 30 days. The Sun will conjoin with Mercury retrograde on Friday, also putting people into a discussion of past events, and for some travel plans will accelerate from this weekend. Mercury heads back into Scorpio on Saturday until next month (see individual reports for general influence) and on Sunday one of the most exciting and positive planetary connections occurs – Jupiter trines Uranus. Both these planets like freedom to explore new possibilities and being involved with like-minded people or small groups. An interesting week, where talk of travel, relocation, holidays, festive activities and end of year parties begins in earnest.