year of the rooster 2017 – read all the news

Love: It’s your year, dear Roosters. Your emotions are highlighted during this new year, full of light on your loves, you go from the shadow to the light without really having to make efforts. Your love life takes as a fresh start. You go towards what you desire the most. You no longer want to ask yourself existential questions, you have only one idea in mind, to succeed in your emotional life and to advance your projects. Your developed instinct accompanies you, your intuitions will lead you very far, you will want to follow them, you will listen only to you and you alone. At the beginning of the year the hearts beat in unison, you overflow with positive energy, your loved ones feel it, very serenely on the plane of the loves you advance towards a radiant future. If you are in a couple the situation is evolutionary, no shadow on the board, your partner could propose you to formalize, a lot of changes will allow you to project yourself towards a happy future (marriage, baby, development, etc …) Various and many opportunities to look to the future in a very positive way, the obstacles are behind you, it is a certainty, to you the beautiful life and harmonious relations. Singles are cautious for a good part of the year, you will not let go easily in a romantic relationship, you prefer to adopt caution rather than haste. You will keep in a corner of your head the mistakes of the past but also your love stories. From the moment you release the pressure your love life will take a fresh start. The year of the Rooster brings clicks to the bachelors, awareness that will serve as a springboard to subsequently live peacefully their dating relationships and be able to stabilize. Throughout the year you will be able to count on the support and support of your loved ones, family relationships will be fine. Year of the rooster 2017 is the year of love, the family may well grow.

Work / Finances:
Working side the year is promising because your ambitions take precedence over everything else. So recently you turned your back on a situation that did not suit you anymore, you find your marks very easily. Your stances are successful and you owe it to yourself. You are making proposals that you can not refuse. Your supervisors prepare business plans that will automatically include you because your performance is recognized. Expect a change of position or a possibility to be transferred, you are not at the end of your surprises. You deserve by far what happens to you, luck has turned, it is in your camp. You will have to learn to spot the opportunities as they arise, do not let anything pass because later you could regret it. For people looking for a job, an opportunity comes in the second quarter, it will be the chance of your life, if discussions about salary will occur, do not wait too long before giving your answer. As the financial sector is linked to the professional field, you should increase your bank account this year. If in recent months you’ve had fairly heavy expenses, it’s ancient history, you move on to something else. Consequent income gives you the opportunity to enjoy your money, to please your loved ones without counting your pennies. Beware of a warning, more money does not mean you do not have to spend more money, be sure to have an irreproachable management of your accounts.

Form: On the side of your morale a great mastery of yourself boosts your daily life. Having a good frame of mind is important if you want to stay on course. Even if at the beginning of the year you are not safe that a little fatigue is waiting for you, you will not rest on your laurels because it is only passenger. Throughout the months this year a beautiful optimism accompanies you, it will even be you who will energize your loved ones. If you do sport and your many activities leave you with very little free time whatsoever, you have a good time. Projects motivate you, you have confidence, everything is well dear Roosters. On the side of your form your year is beautiful and incredibly sweet.